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Blogging: 5 Tips to Get the Juice

So you've written this fantastic amazing blog post and you are uber excited to post and get it out to the world! Increase your chances of the world actually seeing it with these five blog tips:

1. More Than 1000 Words

Your post should be more than 1000 words, aim for 1000-2000, but more is...BETTER! You've probably heard a minimum of 500. Five hundred words is enough for Google to take you a little more seriously. You want your blog post to be well thought out and provide supportive information, which will naturally result in more words. Aim high! Don't compromise on your message because we are all goldfish. Your niche audience will dive right in and become a loyal reader IF your post is well done and not full of fluff.

2. Use Tags

This one is pretty obvious. How can we find you if you're not giving the key. Keywords!

3. Use a Relevant Photo

Many of us are visual. An awesome photo will grab a visual person's attention and make them curious. This goes right in tandem with...

4. A Shnazzy Headline

Yes, shnazzy. It's just how it sounds. Create a headline that will garner interest and give a clear picture of what your blog post is about. Most people don't like falling for the oke doke AKA a fabulous title that is completely different than what you will be discussing in your post. Know what your audience wants, speak to that but be honest!

5. Post It with Links

If you can hyperlink the photo, add a photo in the post, temporarily change your Twitter, Instagram, or whatever platform you are on so that the main link is to your blog post. Why? Because you want easy access to whomever may be reading. Everyone is different. One person may think to click a pic and another person may think to click the link in your profile. Think of everyone!

Pssst... that last line, "Think of everyone", keep this in mind whenever you are creating content. You should already be niched up and deep into your space. Once you have that, leverage every method and think of all of the minds of your targets. Make it plain. Keep it simple. Create an easy user experience.

Bullets points out of the way so here is a little more if you really want to put out your best:

I got some advice from a very successful social media marketer/blog writer. You should be writing everyday. Create a comfortable work space. If you physically write things out first, get those pens you like. Minimize your distractions. Pick a time of day you can stick with. Clear your mind and just WRITE. Set goals for yourself or google for a list of topics. There are many lists and articles out there that you can use for ideas. Just keep writing and make a habit out of it and you will find new thoughts and ideas forming that will get the people going!

Now back to the fluff I mentioned in #1. Just cut it. Seriously. Cut it out. Even if you end up combining topics for length, do that. Figure out a way to weave the differing ideas together, but don't add words just to get a word count. Your audience will see right through it. I break the Google word minimum rule frequently on some of my older posts because I say what I gotta say and then peace out.

And on that note, that's all I got. I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, comments, something to add, pop in the comments.

Great info for when you are posting on Twitter:

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