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7 Tips for Hashtag for Success

There is power in the hashtag! With some research and the right strategies you will attract the followers to your page that will be synonymous with profits.

Here are SEVEN things to do:

1. Max Out - Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Until you've reached superstar status on your Instagram page, every post with less than 30 hashtags use could be a missed opportunity.

2. Get Creative - At least 1 and no more than 3 of your hashtags should be brand specific tags. When someone searches that tag, they should see a lovely display of your brand's posts.

*Be sure to do a search of the tag you would like to use prior to incorporating that tag as your brand's specific hashtag. You don't want your posts to get lost among a popular tag that is already being used by millions of Instagram users.

3. Pick a Few Popular Tags - This strategy is the exact OPPOSITE of #2. By using a popular tag, you'll potentially be seen by a large number of Instagram users. The hashtag will be less specific so everyone who views it may not be your target audience, but the pool of viewers/potential followers will be very large.

4. Narrow It Down - Now you want to research other Instagram users who are similar to you and note the tags that they use. You all will share a specific target audience and by noting what they use you've created a shortcut for yourself. Try to pick hashtags that have been used in the 4-6 digit range (5,000-500,000).

5. Go Abroad - After getting your narrower tags, grab a few that are being used by a larger number of users (500,0001-2,000,000)

6. Location, Location, Location - Choose a few tags that are specific to the location of your target audience. For example, Rosemint Media is based in Chicago, so I include #RiverNorth, #HydePark, etc. which are neighborhoods in Chicago in some of the posts. It is good to attract local followers for future local events or services that can only be provided in person.

Side note - also add a geotag (the actual location) to your posts. This will help to increase your reach also!

7. Engage Your Hashtags - Immediately following a post with all of your 30 brand new hashtags that are ready to work for you, do a search of those some tags. Like some posts, leave some thoughtful comments. and engage with the very users that you are hoping to attract with your hashtags.

Happy tagging!

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