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Logo Design


A great brand begins with clarity on why the brand was created, who the brand is for, and how the brand will impact the life of the buyer! After the brand is defined and aligned, attractive visuals will further amplify visibility in the marketplace!

Are you clear on your brand and able to articulate your mission, vision, brand differentiator, and more to your audience, employees, and partners?

Before you run an ad, plan your next marketing campaign, or launch your million-dollar idea, get clear on your brand identity and optimize all of your efforts!


The majority of potential customers and clients will first experience your brand online. After viewing your social media content, finding you through a Google search, or hearing about your excellent customer service from a friend, the next step is to go to your website to learn more and get a deeper feel of your brand.

We can create an attractive website that will help to automate processes, increase conversions, and boldly represent your brand. Whether you need a personal brand website, e-commerce site, or a robust website for a large business, our experience and skills partnered with strategy and best practices will produce a website you will love and your customers will appreciate.

Click below to learn more and view our website package options:

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As the CEO of an emerging brand, your focus should be on growing your brand, building essential relationships, and managing teams. Marketing is an important task that deserves time and attention, but it does not have to be more of YOUR time! 

Rosemint Media is your marketing team. 

Click here to view more information on our brand management services that include social media management, email marketing, and more:


Rosemint Media founder, Rachael Turner, brings 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience and 8+ years in corporate management together with a love of sharing information to entrepreneurs as a workshop facilitator and trainer.

Topics Include:


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Brand Strategy

and more!



Create an additional stream of income by creating a branded journal or planner! We can help from ideation to layout to cover design.


Get the tools you need to get consistent, attract your target audience, and reinforce your brand messaging.


Book a consultation to get clarity and action steps that will help lead you to your next!


Content Shoots

Dropshipping Designs Setup

E-Commerce Strategy

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