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Archive: Your Future Self Will Thank You

You're not an adult until you have files and coasters. That's a little corny joke I make in regards to how being an adult means keeping records and caring for furniture. Half of that corny joke can be applied to help with managing and maintaining your social media posts. The key? Archiving!

If you archive, finding that one photo for that one post you did that one time will be that much easier to find and re-purpose. Yes, there is that word "re-purpose" which mean saving time and brainpower (both of which we entrepreneurs could always use more of)!

Here are a few options that work for me:

1. The Cloud - I have an iPhone so specifically I use iCloud. I save the original image and the final product I create using all of my fancy apps to it's correlating Shared Folder.

*IMPORTANT - Use Shared Folders not albums. By using the Shared Folder you get the benefit of the images being available on other devices where you have access to iCloud.

2. Google Drive - You'll need to download the Google Drive app and create a Google account if you don't already have one (Ha! Who doesn't have a Google account?) Same thinking as with the cloud, except you create a unique folder in Google Drive and save your photos/designs there. This also allows you to access anything you upload there on other devices.

3. Email - I use the email trick more so for narratives, but it will work for attachments all the same. Be sure to make a subject that is specific and think how your future self will think. Something like this:

If I were me in the future, what words would I use to search for this email I'm using to archive this awesome post I created?

If you're like me, you can also create a unique folder to stick the email in for an even easier retrieval.

4. Flash Drive/External Hard Drive - This works well for images created without apps or your cellular device. It's an oldie, but goody. Be sure to label files and folders in a way that makes sense because what... you want your future self to thank you!

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