About Rosemint Media

We are a Chicago-based and unboxed marketing and design company with a mission to elevate and educate brands. We have worked with hundreds of companies across many industries to produce measurable results. Our toolbox includes years of experience and a diverse perspective. Our team spans three generations and is able to be relatable and resonate across many audiences.

Rosemint Media provides consulting, training, and design services to solopreneurs, small business, and larger companies. Rosemint Media is highly referred to in the areas of digital designs and strategies.


We are available to conduct workshops on topics including business building and marketing for events. 


We have worked with:


Authors, Speakers, Luxury Brands, Influencers, Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Sports Camps, Beverage Companies, Marketing/Advertising Agencies, Educators, Child Care Providers, Political Figures, Hair Salons and many more.


View some of our clients, past and present, below:



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