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Get Inspired! 3 Tips to Amp Up Your Image Arsenal

Get inspired! A lot easier said than done, right? We are all wired differently and while some of us may kill the game when it comes to analytics and research, the creative side could be lacking. Creativity is more important than ever in regards to branding because cookie cutter images and tactics just aren't going to cut it. Also, using your own personal originals are better because then you completely eliminate cause for someone to take legal action because you used their image (yes, it happens)! Read my three tips on how to build up your background images that are perfect for social media posts:

1. Flowers!

Flowers are always a good idea. They can be used as a post of post background for pretty much any person or industry. If it's for a guy, try black and white with a strong quote fir example. Where to find these flowers?

I took these pics at the local Mariano's.

I took these at the yard of a friend's neighbor. They were too vibrant and beautiful to pass up!

2. Extraordinary Shapes

As you move throughout your day, take notice of what you take notice of. Essentially, if it catches your eye and causes you to pause in the middle of your daily travels, more than likely your tribe will find it interesting also.

3. Vacation Pics

Scroll through your " (insert tropical island here ) 2015" photo album folder and pull images that will make for a nice background or focal point image. If you don't have any, remind yourself to take scenic photos the next time you are away.

It's good to be different! And if you are the photographer of the images you're posting, the photos are sure to feel more like you. Keep an open mind and remember that if you found it beautiful it is probably worth sharing!

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