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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The Power of Word of Mouth is Real!

As business professionals in a social media driven world we can sometimes forget the power of a good recommendation or conversation. Even Facebook now specifically allows users to post requests for recommendations of service. How do you make this work for you?

You know that one friend who always asks how they can genuinely help you there is nothing within their skill set that can actually help with your day to day business tasks? Empower them to list your business for recommendations or give them a few bullet points on specific things they can say should the opportunity arise! Things like:

-If someone wants to purchase a _____, send them to my website/ebay store/Facebook Buy Now button.

-No, I am no longer offering service A, but let them know service B that I do offer is the new and improved A.

Also empower your loyal customers to let others know about you. Plant the seed by specifically saying "Tell a friend" or ask questions that may spark them to think of referrals. Sometimes we can honestly just not think to do something unless the specific direction is explicitly stated as an option! It is OK to let your customers know that it is OK to talk about you!

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