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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

My fourth grade Sunday school teacher would call me a "quiet storm". I wasn't the kid that was always raising my hand to speak, but when I did have something to say it was certainly worth listening to! That always stuck with me and it's always been very important for what I have to say or for the things I do to have value. The more I seek to be a value add, the better me I have become! Here are a few thoughts I wanted to share in my "quiet storm" reflection:

1. Let It Brew

The most powerful storms naturally give big warning signs. The sky turns black, the wind picks up, animals start doing weird things, all before a single drop of precipitation hits the ground. Do the work, build, dig so deep that by default, by the time you start announcing others are already suspecting that something grand must be afoot! Strategically, you want to give enough notice for you work to be recognized, but announcing your every move without a strategy can reduce your impact.

2. Categorize

The National Weather System has all types of color coding and numerical systems to communicate what to expect from different types of weather phenomenons. You should be able to clearly communicate what your storm is and why your targets should be anticipating and engaging in what the storm will bring.

3. Assess the Damage

Measuring is key. Measure your impact, your losses, and your profits. Was the energy used in creating the storm worth it? Assess the "damages", take notes and use that information before preparing and creating the next project/event/etc.

Are you ready to take the world by storm?

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