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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Social media success is attainable! Success will look different for every depending on your business and goals, but here are four keys that will help you get there!

L is for loyalty.

  • Create loyalty from your followers by letting them in on your journey and your process. You don't have to show every single moment, but give a peek into why you do what you do. Let your followers get to know you.

  • Be consistent! Create loyalty by consistently posting and consistently providing what the people came to see!

B is for brand.

  • Your brand should shine through! Something as simple as a consistent color scheme will reinforce your brand via your social media look. Stay on topic and stay within the realm of your brand. You don't want to confuse your followers and you do want them to start correlating your specific brand to your industry. If you are Dan and you sell donuts, you want them to instantly think donuts when they see your posts. Eventually this turn into them thinking Dan anytime they want donuts!

V is for voice and value. (Double whammy!)

  • Your posts should sound like you (or your brand). It's ok to be a tad quirky. Also, the language should reflect your values and vision.

  • "Value" has already appeared a couple times within this post. Who wants fluff? Would you want fluff? Give your followers some education or insight into your specific niche or let them know relevant future happenings. Give them a reason to continue to follow you. (Give pops up a few times, also hint hint.)

S is for story-telling.

  • Here is that G word again, give! Telling your story or the story of your business requires a little vulnerability. Put a positive spin on your journey and let your followers in on what it took to get your business where it is and where it's going!

  • If you are the face of your business... story-telling is a daily requirement! People buy from you because you are you. Let them in on the story!

  • If you are a business... by sharing the history of your business, your customers/clients/buyers (the people putting money in your pocket) will get to share a little bit of that pride and feel that they are contributing to your legacy!

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