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Updated: May 2, 2023

Email Reminder

There's a significant likelihood that users who gave you a few nibbles but never fully converted to consumers simply forgot about you. You may only need to send them a brief email to convince them that your eCommerce business is still active and still has fantastic things to offer.

Special Offers

Emails announcing exceptional deals can help you rekindle a waning relationship with clients who may have wandered off. Only those who have gone away should receive discount offers in an effort to bring them back. Even though you'll undoubtedly get a lot of bites, the majority of them will merely come back for the amazing deal before leaving again.

Getting Personal

Maybe you should just pick up the phone and call some of your most devoted clients if you've suddenly observed that they are leaving. Naturally, this isn't the best course of action for visitors to your website who haven't made a purchase yet.

Content Is Magic

View the blogs, landing pages, and emails you have developed for your products. Is the knowledge useful? Does it assist customers in the purchase process? You will always lose customers if all you give is fluff or incentives to keep them interested.

Fix the Issues

Your clients may occasionally express their reasons for departing in detail. Perhaps they object to your return policy. Perhaps the goods they received fell short of the claims you made. Whatever the cause, you have the power to resolve the problem.

Inform your customers that a revolution was sparked by their feedback. Show them the measures you took to fix the issue. Once they realize that their complaints have been addressed, not only will they be more likely to return to you, but there's a high chance that your humility will also win them over completely.

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