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Updated: May 2, 2023

E-commerce is undoubtedly here to stay. Retailers must work hard to stand out since more customers than ever before are shopping online.

More than half of people favor online shopping. Wonderful news for online merchants like you, yes?

But what if you lack the funds for advertisements? Doomed to vanish into the void of the internet? Well not anymore. With the expansion of online markets and the abundance of consumer options, it can be challenging to attract the attention necessary to increase traffic and sales.

I'll share three e-commerce techniques with you today to increase website traffic without spending any money on sponsored advertisements.

Expand Your Blog

Since Google owns more than 92 percent of the search market, investing in SEO is necessary if you want visitors. The best e-commerce advice I can give is to invest in a blog and produce useful content.

Whether you have to pay someone or write everything yourself, start publishing material frequently. I am unmistakable evidence that this tactic is effective.

Create a mailing list

Building an email list is one of the best strategies to get repeat customers, who spend 67% more than new ones. Why?

They already trust you, and they are aware of what you can provide.

Improve Your CTAs

Only about 2% of visitors to your website will convert on their first visit, therefore it's critical to collect email addresses through your CTAs. To find out what works, you need to experiment a little. The color of your CTA button, for instance, can make a difference.

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