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Digital Spring Cleaning!

It's just as important to clean and organize your technology and programs as it is to clean regularly in your home. Take better digital-care and you'll experience less frustration in the long run!

1. Unsubscribe from mailing lists that no longer serve you.

2. Clean up your inbox! Delete a few hundred per day until you get through them all.

CHEAT CODE: Create a folder and put all emails there so that they are still searchable.

3. Reset those passwords that you don't know so that you can have easy access later. Do it now while you're not frustrated, so you'll be less stressed in those moments when you have to log alll the way back in.

4. Back up your files! Drag and drop your Desktop folder to a flash drive and/or start backing up to a cloud service if you are not already, I recommend doing both.

5. Watch the charges that came out of your bank account from Apple, Google, etc. for the next 30 days. Unsubscribe/cancel from any apps or services that you no longer use.

6. Now that you've been watching your bank account every day, continue to monitor it DAILY. Set an alarm on your phone to check your accounts if you don't already do this.

7. Clean your equipment. Wipe your phone down with an alcohol pad (do this as needed). Wipe off your keyboard, sanitize your workspace, clean that line of dust off the to of your monitor, etc.

8. Organize your actual desktop. Create folders that make sense and that will help you to easily find documents. Get in the habit of being more descriptive with naming files.

9. Make sure you have active anti-virus protection. Turn on the auto-scheduler for it to run on its own.

Show love to technology! Your hardware will last longer, run faster, and, most importantly, you'll be less stressed later!

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