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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Everyone is starting to catch on to the importance of branding and brand building when it comes to the idea of building your brand, but many have neglected the importance of establishing a brand identity while building your brand. This article will discuss what brand identity is, why it’s important to the success of your business, and how knowing your brand identity can help you grow your business 

“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you're not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.” – Geoffrey Zakarian 

Why is Brand Identity important? It affects many aspects of your business and brand that have a direct effect on the growth of your business.

Brand Identity Affects:

  • Brand Image 

  • Marketing 

  • Brand Building 

  • Social Media 

  • And More 

The dictionary defines Brand Identity as: “Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. Brand identity is distinct from brand image.” Based on this definition it is clear that Brand Identity has the potential to bleed into everything you do including your website, colors, brand messaging, and overall message. 

From McDonald's to Apple every established brand has mastered the art (or hired someone who has mastered the art) of creating and communicating brand identity. You can as well, however, to utilize it properly you have to understand what its value is 

Branding touches every aspect of your life whether you realize it or not. Effective branding helps keep you or your business at the type of mind when a potential customer is the consideration stage for your business, as such it is important to become clear on the benefits of having a solid brand identity.

Defining your brand 

How would you describe your brand in three words? Do you know? What colors make people think of your brand? What’s your brand image? If you don’t have the answer to any of these questions, likely, you haven’t clearly defined your brand identity yet, don’t worry this article is going to give you some tools on how to build your brand.

The first step to creating a solid brand identity is to define your brand mission. Your brand mission plays into brand-building overall, but in this instance, the brand mission will help define the brand identity overall. 

What are the aims of your business, the problems that you solve, and the value that you add to your field? Once you’ve become clear on these questions, you’ve already taken the first steps towards defining your brand identity and defining your brand. 

Next, you need to pick a solid color palette. The ability of people to associate a color with a certain brand is powerful. Close your eyes and imagine what do you think of when you see the colors Red and Yellow?

Go ahead we’ll wait. 

If you thought of McDonald’s then the value of clear brand identity has already been proven. Now think of your brand, do you have a clear set of colors and ideas that are associated with your brand? If not then it’s time to get to work and organize your goals concerning your brand. 

Finally, when defining your identity you need to understand what you want to be KNOWN for. While color and word associations are helpful, having a clear message associated with your brand is integral to creating a strong brand identity.  

One of the most important ways to create progress towards an effective and complementary brand identity 

Knowledge of everything that we’ve talked about so far is a guaranteed way to take the first steps towards defining and setting expectations and goals for your brand identity.

Utilizing Brand Identity 

Know that you know some of the basics of building a brand identity. It's time to learn how to use it and where it can be applied to. 

Recently, the best place to utilize social media has become Social Media. At Rosemint Media we understand the importance of Social Media when it comes to your brand and your business. Which is why we make a point to use mention in each of our articles. 

Social media is an unparalleled tool when it comes to making your brand more well known when it comes to building your brand. 

Your brand message, colors, goals, and more can all be communicated through the use of Social Media posts and graphics and are a tool that should be used when you are thinking of the best way to utilize your brand identity. 

Brand Identity will vary by industry which can affect the type of brand Identity that you choose together, a good way to guide your building is to take a look at what other people in the same or similar fields have done with their approach to crafting their own Brand Identity 

Put together a vision board with examples of branding you enjoy, colors you like, messaging that resonated with you, and other things that you might want to add to your brand. This will help you visualize what you are trying to create and keep you on track when it comes to the messaging and evolution of your brand identity.

- Lisa Gansky


Put simply creating a clear cut brand identity is one of the best ways to develop your brand. 

It influences the way that people see your brand and helps keep you at the top of mind when it comes to the consideration stage of a potential buyer. 

Developing your Brand Identity will help you provide some insight and clarity to the efforts of your business to establish or reestablish your brand. 

For more on branding check out this article on the basics of branding.

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