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7 Ways to Prepare for Time Away from Your Business

7 Ways to Prepare for Time Away from Your Business - because sometimes #TeamNoSleep sometimes needs some hands off time!

Your business is your baby. You grind 24/7, 365. But life happens! For me, I actually had a real baby which was followed by complications resulting in hospital stays. I was able to prep my existing clients in regards to anticipating me being unavailable for the time near and following my due date. You too can be proactive, and take actions that will result in happy clients in a time of no service.

1. Give Advance Notice.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

2. Set Your Out of Office Message.

Set you out of office message so that new contacts will know that you are not ignoring them! It's also a nice reminder for current clients if they forget that you are away.

3. Set the Expectation.

Give a deadline for new projects to be received. After that date, you're off the hook and any work done should be considered an exception (because technically you shouldn't be working!).

4. Give Referrals.

Don't be afraid to refer work to another trusted colleague. It is still important to provide good customer service and it's good karma!

5. Apologize If Needed.

Hey, we all mess up. If you miss the mark, give a genuine apology.

6. Refund If Needed.

I actually had a client pay for a service, but we ran into scheduling conflicts and then I was in labor (for three days and had a five day total hospital stay followed by a six day hospital stay). Instead of keeping their funds in limbo, I sent a refund and then planned to follow-up with them once business resumed. You may be able to work things out without refunding, but I just find it cleaner to not have funds lingering.

7. Plan Out Your Social Media and Marketing

If possible, plan out your social media so that you can continue to generate business and won't miss a beat once you are back in action. It is totally okay to take a break. However, you can give yourself a boost by remaining ready to promote.

The two main thing to remember are to plan and communicate! You can't eliminate every surprise but you can keep your good reputation by prepping for your departure from your business.

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