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You Need a Brand Board!

Yes, you. Here's why:


We live in world where visuals matter. They truly do and they set the tone for your brand or business. You may be creating your own or outsourcing to a digital media company such as Rosemint Media ;-)

Regardless, a brand board will help tremendously in ensuring that your colors are consistent.

The same goes for font. With the brand board, regardless of who is designing, the fonts will be the same or should be pretty darn close.

The board above was created for a client who already had an existing logo and color theme. We color matched and also font matched to get as close as possible to the existing brand visuals. Going forward, there will be no question in regards to which colors to use or which font will work.

Tip: You should be able to pull hex numbers from the app or program you have used to create your current images.

In addition, a few mood pics were including to help set the mood for the brand. This will help to inspire future posts and help the designer to get in the right frame of mind for visually translating the brand.

At a minimum, you should have specific hex numbers for your brand colors and specific fonts. Write them down or put them in a place that can be easily accessed and that won't be forgotten. All of your future design contractors will thank you!

Don't have a clue how to do this? Contact Rosemint Media, we can create this for you!


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