What's on My Desk?

Your workspace should be clutter free, yet efficient. Check out what's on mine! Only the necessary items can remain atop my desk.

Yes, I am somewhat of a neat freak but I also believe in doing what makes sense. On my desk you'll find important items within arms reach and a few items that help me to remain ergonomically correct.

1. Paint Supplies

My absolute favorite activity is creating. Throughout my life, I have always had some form of creating or expression in the forefront. There was a brief period during my career in corporate America where I totally let go of all things fun in exchange for insane hours and mounds of stress. I keep my art supplies near: 1. As a reminder to make time to paint and 2. So that I already have supplies ready to get started!

2. Connection from MacBook Pro to 24 Inch Flatscreen

Having two screens is EVERYTHING! Especially because my second screen is 24 inch. Some tasks require having multiple windows and it's great being able to see everything I need to see at the same time. The new Macbook Pro has a unique USB C so an adapter is required to connect to pretty much anything else.

The one in the link below is the one I would have purchased had I not needed the one I have right away (purchased from Best Buy).

3. White Out Tape, Notes, Cuticle Oil

The first two, white out tape and notes, are obvious. I keep white out tape around because I despise scratch outs!

The cuticle oil is more likely to be used while I'm working and I know it will have time to absorb as I type or design. There is a huge difference when I use it vs. when I don't.

4. Daylight Lamp

After doing some research, I decided to replace my normal, 60 Watt bulb desk lamp with a full spectrum, daylight lamp. What a difference! I noticed that it helps me stay up longer and my eyes don't burn out as much as they used to. By burnout, I mean that dry burning sensation you get after working for WAAAYYYYY too long. Be kind to your eyes and get some fake daylight!