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I Heart Google Drive

Yes, I am a complete #stan (an overzealous or obsessive fan) for Google Drive (no they did not pay me to write this post although it is a goal to get paid by Google!). Recently, my Google account become full so I decided to clean house instead of buying more storage. I'll tell you how I use Google Drive to give you some ideas on how to make it work for you!

1. Client Records & Business

Prior to digital marketing, my main business was wedding planning. I created a folder in Google Docs for each new client to help remain organized and to be able to access the information at any time. Each folder contained:

A spreadsheet template that had all possible detail information on the wedding party such as name, contact numbers, wedding job duties, etc. The spreadsheet also had a tab for the wedding timeline, vendor contact, a To-Do list and pretty much anything that I felt would help to stay on track with planning.

I still create a unique folder for each client. Some clients have two folders. The second folder is labeled " Shared-"Client Name" " and any images or documents I create are placed in the folder for easy access for both myself and the client.

2. References Found Via Research

It is a vital to spend time getting educated on and learning about new technology and methods in regards to digital media. The really good articles and downloads are saved in a folder in my Google Docs. I also take manual notes while listening to webinars or live broadcasts and save my notes there.

3. Personal Finance

I have multiple spreadsheets where I keep track of my personal finances. These spreadsheets have evolved over the years and serve as a place to track spending, income, debt pay down, and financial goals. Yes, I know there are tons of apps that can do this, but it works for me and it helps me to NOT spend when I am manually typing in each transaction and seeing where every penny is going!

4. Website Content

When creating a website, I make a habit to copy and paste the content from the website and save it into a Google Doc. In the event that the website should disappear, get hacked (God forbid), or accidentally get erased, the written content is still available.

Those are a few examples of how I used Google Drive. The specific reasons why:

-Can be accessed anytime, anyplace -Google Drive can be backed up to a hard drive -Google Docs and Spreadsheets can be easily exported into Windows programs

How do you use Google Drive? Let me know in the comments!


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