Level Up with a Media Kit!

Brands, influencers, bloggers, personalities and anyone similar should have a media kit! There are different types that can be tailored for a specific purpose, but first, we'll start out with what the heck a media kit is.

1. What Is a Media Kit?

A media kit is an attractive document that answers all of the surface questions the recipient may have about you or your brand and a highlight reel. Media kits are the evolved version of press kits and help to give a strong impression of you to the recipient.

The point of a media kit is to illustrate why you should be chosen for that speaking engagement, the mutual benefit of sponsorship, etc. It is the ultimate humble brag but more than that, it is a tool that can set you apart from others. Note the "attractive" part in the description of above. Not only should your media kit be informative, but it should be the one that stands out and is memorable for the intention and content included.

2. What Should Your Media Kit Include?

We will start with the basics and then move on to the options. Think of a media kit as a resume on steroids. Would you send the same exact resume applying for a job as a VP of finance company as you would for the lead in a dance company? Of course not. There will be crossover of information, but you would tailor the information depending on the recipient (there will be a few suggestions further in this post).

Basic to Include:

A. Contact Information

B. Headshot

C. Bio

D. Social Media Handles

E. Your One Line Pitch of Your Brand

F. Relevant Highlights

G. Where You've Been Featured/Awards


A. Specifics on Social Media Audience: such as the number of followers, impressions, and other engagement facts.

B. Testimonials

C. Interview Excerpt

D. Tour Information