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Give it away, for free, no tax. Sounds crazy to give anything away for free when we have so many avenues available for selling and monetizing. Entrepreneurship is booming thanks to the internet and social media and a many entrepreneurs are profiting off of helping other package themselves for profit.

For example, packaged myself as an event planner and created wedding planning and coordinating packages when I first started my business. I took my gift of organization and my knowledge base of weddings and was able to make profits off of what I already had.

As time goes on, naturally our skill set grows and we continue to expand our gifts. As I learn more things, being entrepreneurial minded, I begin to instantly think of how to monetize my new information or ability. Many times it feels forced and just not quite right. Experience has taught me to not move so quickly on the things that my mind does not feel settled on.

I am realizing more and more that some things we are meant to simply give away and pass on to others. We do not get to pre-determine our return. We just get to trust and know that we are meant to help others to get closer to their purpose! More often I have found that the reward for this is far greater than the price tag I would have placed on it!

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