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Ni'Cola Mitchell

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ABOUT NI'COLA: Ni'cola Mitchell had already received numerous awards and recognition for her work with girls and her great success as an author. Our goal was to create brand visual and a website that reflected her personality, achievements, and to be representation of where her brand will be in the future.


Website Design and Development

Brand Strategy

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Creative Direction

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  • To create unique and on-brand graphics while maintaining authenticity

  • To merge all that Ni'cola is into one brand look: high caliber author, experienced entrepreneur, leader to the world's youth, dynamic influencer and philanthropist



​1. We begin with an overall assessment of Ni'Cola's digital presence followed by a consultation to grasp her goals, desired aesthetic, and ideas of how her website would be used.

2. We created a mood board to illustrate the creative direction and discuss it with the client. We also discussed brand pillars for social media and the types of posts that will need to be made.

3. After 70% completion, we have a review meeting with the client to discuss any needed changes of direction prior to project completion.

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  • Easy to use, well-designed social media templates.

  • An eye-catching and high-functioning website with calls to action and an attractive design.

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