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CASe study: drink Coffee PoPs

Drink Coffee Pops Logo (1).png

COMPANY MISSION: At Belle Lucre, LLC our mission is to help women make smart investment and financial decisions through professional relationships that are based on uncompromising integrity, trust, and personalized service. We achieve this mission by offering holistic, comprehensive advisory services to help women prioritize to attain their financial goals.


Our first project included building out the e-commerce website in addition to brand strategy and social media graphics. 

2022 - We developed a new logo to represent that Coffee Pops were developed to be great on the go.


  • We worked to develop the brand after the first design company became unresponsive to the client.

  • Our goal was to create brand visuals that represented the brand and systems to help facilitate e-commerce and e-mail marketing.



  • An effective and attractive website that seamlessly carries the customer journey from social media to checkout.

  • Brand visuals that the client and their customers love.

  • An informative, easy to follow website that continually receives repeat visit and customers.

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Rosemint Media Portfolio (3)_edited.jpg
Rosemint Media Portfolio (2).png


Going into 2022, the client has switched to a subscription/limited membership model to better serve repeat buyers and to focus more on partnerships as a marketing tool. We help by setting up the systems and back-end as well as advising on communications and opportunities.


Sharletta Hanks, the inventor of Coffee Pops was selected as a top finalist for the South Side Pitch Competition in 2019. She presented in front of an expert panel and was well received by the audience. Rosemint Media directed the Pitch Competition entry video and assisted in the overall pitch strategy.

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