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We are a team of brand managers, creatives, and SMEs that are self-motivated, proactive, and forward-thinking! We know that our efforts and contributions to our clients help to create opportunities and generational wealth and help visionaries (our clients) have greater success and accelerate achievements. When our clients win, we win!


As a Brand Manager for Rosemint Media, you are the heart of everything that we do. Your role is a key function to keeping this company growing and touching the businesses of our clients. Brand Managers are responsible for brand planning, deliverables, and serving our clients needs. You will also put together the team of contractors needed for each project. You will manage the account and make sure that the client gets what they need from start to finish. You will be involved in every step of the process and it’s up to you to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the work. Time management and project management will be a huge component because you will be managing multiple clients and teams at one time.  


  • Understand clients needs and recommend the best service for clients

  • Prepare quotes and pricing for each client

  • Close each consultation with a service that we provide

  • Keep track of why prospective clients decline to move forward

  • Share with CEO and Dir of Marketing Strategies different package ideas that prospects are requesting

  • Work with each client to fulfill their goals for their brand

  • Recommending strategies to position clients brand for growth

  • Analyzing brands of competitors, consumer trends and shopping behaviors

  • Designing and supervising content such as social media campaigns, websites, and graphic designs

  • Communicate effectively to creative teams the needs of clients

  • Manage all projects in a timely and well-organized manner

  • Work with multiple clients and multiple creative teams at once to deliver all clients expectations

  • Monitoring the performance of clients brand through key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Achieving profit targets, timelines, and budgets

  • Organizing product launches and promotional events for clients as needed

  • Managing Marketing Executives working for clients


  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  2. Practical sales knowledge

  3. Business management skills

  4. Strong project management skills

  5. Working with multiple teams and hitting strict deadlines

  6. Proven leadership record

  7. Skills in statistical analysis

  8. A high level of creativity and innovation

  9. Experience in using various social media platforms

  10. Experience with AirTable is highly recommended

  11. Proficiency with CRM software


Please email your resume, the position of interest, and any additional relevant information to:

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