June 2020 Content Playbook

*You will receive your June 2020 Content Playbook by May 23, 2020 via email. Please be sure to submit a valid email address with your order.



1. Specific strategies for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn including recent updates 


2. Month, week, and daily themes for the entire month of May


3. Caption hacks 


4. A blank calendar to print and plan with


5. Apps to make creating content easier

and MORE!


The June 2020 Content Playbook is full of growth strategies and content ideas. Simplify your social media marketing with a variety of ideas for content and HOW TO create your content.


This item is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Brand Owners
  • Personal Brand
  • and anyone looking to boost their social media engagement!


Why should you buy from Rosemint Media?

1. Over 7 years of marketing experience for hundreds of brands across a number of industries


2. Direct account management experience resulting in thousands of additional followers and conversions (10,000+ followers and friends)


3. Certified in Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University in Chicago


4. Certified in Technology and Social Media by Regent Univerisity

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