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Get Up!

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and I'm always reminded of my high school hooping days around this time. There is one specific memory that has stuck with me through the years that I tap into whenever I need that little extra push when it comes to getting stuff done...

I was on the floor after receiving what should have been called as a foul from the person guarding me. The ref didn't think so. I lingered there in disbelief and expectation of getting the call I desired. Instead the game went on and my coach yelled from the bench "Get up!". He pulled me out of the game at the next possible chance and let me have it! In front of everyone: my teammates, the other team, fans, parents, the band. It was the first game of my senior year and I guess somewhere in my mind I felt like I "deserved" the call I wanted. Nope, didn't happen. What did happen? I gave the other team a 5 on 4 advantage if only for a few moments.

So what did I learn?

1. Get up! You can sit there and pout about the rude client, unfairness of the powers that be, be jealous about the next person's success, etc. but where does that get you? No where! Get up, regroup, and keep moving.

2. You need a coach. More plainly, you need that person that is going to tell you to get off your butt or that you need to do better. You may not like the delivery but hear the message. More than likely there is something better you could be doing or you could be going a little harder at. (Of course, you want to make sure this person has your best interests at heart.)

3. Don't ever think you've arrived. Sure, celebrate those moments of achievement. But once you think "you've arrived" that means you're no longer "going somewhere".

You got knocked hard? That last blow almost took you out? Take a deep breath and GET UP!

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