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Updated: Feb 20, 2023


I attended an event last year where a successful Chicago business owner stressed getting the name your DBA (doing business as) name protected. I put that info on the back burner, but officially filed for three trade names that are vital to my business in November of last year.

I realized that I did not own, my website is, and was shocked to find that a company in Beijing had purchased that domain! Not only is Rosemint a completely made up word, usually more masculine names are connected to media companies. BEWARE! There are companies whose sole purpose is to troll the internet and take advantage of companies that either: 1. Have not protected the rights to use their business name or 2. Do not yet own their domain.

Things went like this:

1. I send an email requesting that they transfer the domain.

2. They reply saying that they have a company called "Rosemint Media" but I can buy the domain for $6500.

3. I reply saying that I legally own the name (which I do) and that I will not pay $6500. I also dropped the word "attorney" somewhere in there.

4. They send a second offer of $1200 for the domain.

5. (I do not advise that you do this) I call their bluff and let them know exactly the type of company they are and once again drop the word "attorney" somewhere in there.

6. They sent me MY domain for free!

I'm sure every story doesn't go this smoothly but getting your business Trademark or Trade Name you get protection and leverage. Do it now!

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